1) When you wake up in the morning, stretch both of your palms in front of your face and glance at them. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides at the tip of your fingers, Goddess Saraswati is seated in the middle of your palm and Lord Govind resides at the base of the palm. Glancing at your palm in the morning lets you worship all these three deities and win their blessings for a successful career. Chant this mantra while looking at your hands:

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Kara Madhye Saraswati
Karamooletu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshanam

Place the Kuber Yantra on a red piece of cloth in your place of worship and pray every day to Him to bless you.

Every Friday offer water to Lord Vishnu through a south opening conch-shell. This pleases Goddess Lakshmi immensely.

Pray and look for blessing of Goddess Lakshmi and apply a tilak made of saffron on your forehead every day after the shower 

It is believed that who keep Laghu coconut in their place of money and wealth; they get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and would never face any dearth of money in their life.

 Sri Chakra Yantra represent the cosmos and the human body for good health, prosperity, wealth and overall achievements to a native.

The grah shanthi process is highly recommended if there are problems with the planets and horoscope as well


To be stable in your job and if you are looking for a suitable career opportunity, one must recite Gayatari Mantra and MahaMritunjaya Mantra at least for 31 times on a daily basis.

Offering water to the Lord Sun, in a copper vessel with added jaggery every morning is also considered to be one of the most common and effective astrological remedy for a successful career and job.

To get promoted at work and to avoid difficulties at the workplace, start worshipping Shani and Sun. You can do this with the mantra "om ghrini suryaaye namaha" 

 If you are facing career related problems then Lord Ganesha will be helpful to you. Lord Ganesha is known as Vighna Hartaa(??????????) it means one who destroys all type of hurdle) so you should recite his beej mantra (“Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha” ? ?? ?????? ??? which will give you special benefit in professional life.

Crow represents Saturn and Saturn represents career or deed in astrology so when you feel uncomfortable in professional life then you should offer boiled rice to crows on Saturdays that will pacify Saturn.

Performing Rudra Abhishek - Rudra Abhishek is about worshipping Lord Shiva. His worship can gain anything to an individual.

Worshipping the planet ruling the tenth house and the sixth house of the horoscope This phenomenon is unique to all the horoscopes. The worship of tenth house owner is always beneficial in gaining employment.

Fix the Siddha Vyapaar Vriddhi yantra in your business workplace on an auspicious mahurat. This will help your business grow.



Astrologers also suggest to the girl whose marriage is delayed to offer sacred water to Shivalinga and place 108 flowers on top of it for 16 consecutive Mondays in a Shiva temple. They should also dress up as Goddess Parvati, tie the knot between Shiva and Parvati and pray for early marriage.

The marriage of a girl or a boy may be delayed by certain doshas known as Manglik Yoga or Kaalsarpa Yoga

Turmeric powder is added to the bathing water. This is applicable for both girls and boys and after the bath the boy and the girl should put a tilak on the forehead with saffron.

Marriage-wishing boy/girl should procure a Kamdev Rati Yantra.

Watering Banana Tree to remove obstacles in love Marriage

Wear clothes of a recently married girl to remove the obstacles in the marriage.

By using Vashikaran we can stop divorce problem. These days Vashikaran is best remedies to prevent divorce problem. By Vashikaran you can change the mind of your partner husband or wife. 

Keep Gouri-Shankar Raudraksha in proper way. It is very effective.

Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati regularly.



Wearing a sfatik/white crystal bead around your neck on  a Friday will prove beneficial.

Wearing an opal of 5-6ratti in a silver ring on a Monday or Friday in your ring finger will also prove beneficial. Applying saffron on your belly button is another remedy you can do to increase your chance of going abroad.

Chanting of Rahu mantra

One of the astro remedies to travel abroad is to please the Lord who rules travel, namely the Rahu planet and for which chanting of the Rahu Mantra is very essential and it is a favorable way to turn the planet towards our assignment. When the Rahu mantra is recited it is said to bring a balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and the hurdles in your way will be removed.

Wear 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha's of different Mukhi is specific for certain remedies. Rudraksha of 8 Mukhi rules the Rahu planet and if there is a weak Rahu in your birth chart or if Rahu is in a malefic effect then it is advisable to wear this 8 Mukhi Rudraksha which is believed to bring joy, luck, stable mind and success in your life and thereby creating more opportunities to travel abroad.


The Hessonite stone which is more commonly known as Gomed is highly recommended to be worn by the astrologers for it receives propitious effects of the planet Rahu. It nullifies or to a great extent reduces the destruction to be caused by Rahu and escalate the positive outcome towards travelling.